I do not know about you, but mosquitoes LOVE me. They bite me and want me to suffer.

A study published by the Journal of American Mosquito Control Association finds that people who drink beer are actually more attractive to mosquitoes compared to those who do not drink beer.

When you drink beer, the percentage of ethanol in your sweat increases drastically. You know who loves ethanol? MOSQUITOES!

In addition, drinking alcohol raises your body temperature. Mosquitoes love that almost as much as they love ethanol. The study found that even just drinking one 12-ounce bottle of beer was enough to put a person at immediately higher risk of getting bit.

So if you are a beer drinker, be sure to have some repellent handy. Or drink whiskey instead.

Obviously this is not the only thing mosquitoes like, here are some other things to look out for:

People with Type O blood are more likely to get bitten by mosquitoes. Due to the fact that mosquitoes like the chemical content in Type O blood more than other blood types.

Mosquitoes also bite people with higher body masses more because they emit more heat, making them easier for the mosquitoes to find.

Due to the fact that mosquitoes carry potentially life threatening diseases, you must be careful out there.

So have repellent at the ready to help fight against the evil, evil insects that want to go all dracula on you.

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