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Say it ain't so!

The state of Texas could be facing an alcohol shortage.

With supply chain issues locking up the Port of Los Angeles, alcohol is in the thick of the products stuck in storage containers out in the ocean.

Jake Duke, who is a regional manager for Spec's liquor stores in Dallas, told ABC 7 they are going through a "guessing game" right now.

"We had 50 people waiting in line, just to see what we had coming in this morning because it's a guessing game for us, just as it is for the guest," Duke said. "They don't know what's coming. We don't know what's coming."

The story goes on to mention that products could be in short supply this fall and winter according to some food producers. ABC 7 says the threat of workers quitting over President Joe Biden's federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate could make the supply chain issues worse than they currently are.

Politics aside, this is just not good news. I mean, I can put up with a hand sanitizer shortage, a sneaker shortage, maybe even a toilet paper shortage. I mean, I could make do and be innovative without those items. But an alcohol shortage? I don't know how to get around that one.

So, what would you do if we have an alcohol shortage here in the state of Texas? I'd like to hear your ideas because I am at a loss if I can't have my bourbon, vodka, and rum.

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