We all think back to those high school and middle school days and think what was I thinking. Well a dear friend of mine posted some ridiculous pictures of me and I wanted to share...embarrassing or not!


Back in the day, I was a cheerleader, band geek and of course I was in student council. When my friend Alicia posted this on my timeline (which I hate, but that's another blog) I was shocked. I completely forgot about this part of my life. Talk to anybody I know now and they will agree I look nothing like this and most people never knew I was a cheerleader. Yes, I rocked the knee high socks, braces, and chubby cheeks.  Thinking back I had so much fun growing up. I asked Ben Ryan and Tommy Boy Stubbs to give me an embarrassing picture and they wouldn't do it! Seriously, this is a bigger deal for the men in the office than the girl. Look at that picture, it's awful! So I'm telling you if you have a funny but embarrassing picture please post it! Give everybody you know a good laugh for the day! :)

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