Geico's first Super Bowl 2014 commercial brings bacon to the DMV as its counterpart dances in front of a delicious, heart-clogging Philly landmark.

"Maxwell", features a portly porker trying to get a driver's license at his local DMV. Since he needs a type of photo identification in order to get his license, he gives the lady at the counter his phone, featuring his GEICO digital insurance card. The company's digital insurance card has already been used in a few GEICO commercials before this one, but the premise still remains the same: using a digital insurance card is like using a regular photo ID. The DMV worker, completely ignoring that she is talking to a pig, looks at the card like there is nothing wrong and immediately takes his photo. Similar to the experiences most of us have at the DMV, we're unsure whether to smile or not and the picture is taken regardless of how ready we were.

In GEICO's other commercial (provided below), which aired just after the big game, the infamous GEICO gecko can be seen at Philadelphia's twin cheesesteak landmarks at the corner of 9th St. and Passyunk Ave. The GEICO gecko is seen dancing at an outdoor's table with Geno's Steaks in the background. The ironic part about this commercial is that Philadelphia natives would recognize the table the gecko is dancing on as a part of Pat's Steaks, which is across the street and is widely accepted to be the better of the two dueling sub shops (neon lights can't distract us from how much better Pat's is).

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