Since releasing his full length debut  album “The Limestone Kid” in 2015, Parker McCollum has taken off like a rocket!  Now he has a new project...

Parker has played the big Texas music venues and festivals and is constantly expanding his ever growing fan base as he branches out into other states as well. Naturally there has been a lot of anticipation for his follow-up project.

Well, the first part of it is out as of Friday, July 7th. It's called the 'Probably Wrong' Sessions which will actually be released in three pieces. Session One which has 4 tracks was released on the 7th. Session Two containing another 4 Tracks will be released later this summer. Session Three will have the 8 previously released tracks plus a few more which will make the full album to be released in the fall.

This may seem strange to release the project in several pieces, but if you stop and think about it, you are getting new music from McCollum throughout the year which is pretty cool and keeps you wanting more.

Parker McCollum's current single from the first EP is called 'I Can't Breathe', which is climbing the Texas Music Charts! Give it a listen in the above music video!


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