Pat Green is getting ready to open a new bar, restaurant and venue in San Antonio this summer called the Rustic...

The Rustic already has a successful flagship restaurant in Dallas, but San Antonio is getting the first spinoff...hopefully by July.

Green is from San Antonio, so it’s not a surprising choice for the franchise location. Kyle Noonan, Green’s business partner, spoke with the San Antonio Express-News about the choice to open there.

“We love San Antonio, it’s been good to us,” he explained. “San Antonio is a huge city and it’s often underserved —people think to go to Austin, Dallas or Houston. But San Antonio is vibrant and I don’t think it should be looked at as the ‘red-headed step child’ of Texas cities.”

The menu will be Texas-centric, including their specialty drinks and dishes.

“It’ll be a strictly Texas-inspired menu with 40 Texas beers on draft and any Texas liquors we can drum up,” Noonan says. “We want to highlight all of the Texas cuisines. We’ll have free, live music seven nights a week and every once in a while we’ll have a big national act.”

The Rustic is being built on a 27,000 square feet lot already under construction.

Pat Green plans to host a “big blowout weekend” to celebrate the opening with a jam-packed weekend of music and fun.

“He’ll pop in from time to time,” Noonan said of the singer. “He loves what we’ve done. It’s become a place he just likes to go.”

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