During the third quarter of the AFC divisional round on Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was pulled down and got twisted after Browns linebacker Mack Wilson tackled him in the course of a designed quarterback run.

Mahomes got up dazed and confused after the play and did not return for the game.

After checking on her fiance, Brittany Matthews provided an update to Mahomes' condition via her very active gameday Twitter feed, saying, "I'm fine, Patricks fine, thanks for all the prayers," adding: "WE STILL GOT A GAME TO WIN LETS GOOOOOO!!!"

The Chiefs did win the game behind the arm and legs of backup quarterback Chad Henne, who started for the Chiefs in week 17 when most of the Chiefs starters took the week off to rest up for the playoffs.

Mahomes tweeted after the game that #hennethingispossible. The Chiefs are on to the AFC championship game now against the Bills.

Mack Wilson, the player who tackled Mahomes, wanted Mahomes to know he was praying for him.

"Go be great like you have been," he tweeted to Mahomes after the game. Mahomes responded exactly how we've come to expect Mahomes to respond to adversity: positively. The star QB had no hard feelings over the hit, which, again, took place during the course of a football play.

Mahomes' mom, however, wasn't as positive. She reacted in the heat of the moment, tweeting: "#51 Wilson, that’s some trash football leading with helmet, pulling his head and pushing helmet.. why are you not thrown out!?? Come on NFL."

To this I say, moms will be moms. What is she supposed to say? In the heat of the moment, the hit certainly looked a lot worse than it was, and the direct aftermath of Mahomes looking so obviously wobbled surely had an emotional impact on her. It would for any parent.

We've checked in on the rest of the family. So, what was younger brother Jackson Mahomes up to during the game?

There are some conflicting reports on whether or not Mahomes actually had a concussion or if he was just choked unconscious during the tackle. I'll stick with what the team has said, which is that Mahomes is in concussion protocol and will potentially play against the Buffalo Bills next Sunday for the right to go to the Super Bowl.

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