The band coming to Blaine's Pub this Saturday, August 1st offers you a  very unique sound which is a blend of country, soul, blues, and southern rock. If you can, go see Prophets and Outlaws.

They are based out of Dallas and have really been coming on strong in the Texas music scene. We play several of their songs on Kickin' Country 103.1. They stay booked with a ton of concert dates in Texas and neighboring states.

Their current single is called 'Texas Home' which is climbing the charts now and is also the title cut to their latest EP release.

These guys are racking up a string of hit songs including 'Soul Shop', 'Shine On Me', 'Mexico Tonight', 'Finally Alone', 'My Song to you', and others.

Check out one of their biggest songs in the above video called 'Shine On Me' and plan on making it out to the show Saturday night.

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