Randy Rogers and his wife Chelsea are discussing names for their third daughter who is due on May 19th. Randy likes “Rebel,” Chelsea says “Remy.” They may go through many more choices before deciding on a name...

Rogers shared the good news while he was performing at South By Southwest in Austin.

Rogers says everything looks good to go so far. Chelsea and Randy tragically lost a child in 2015 to a rare genetic disorder for which there is no cure.

I know they are excited to bring their little girl into this world. There will be no shortage of baby sitters I'm sure as, in addition to mom and dad, she’ll have two older sisters in Isabel and River.

'Nothing Shines Like Neon' is Randy's latest album and has been a huge success for him. He has released yet another single from it called 'Tequila Eyes'.

Rogers recently parted ways with his record label of 10 years and is now producing his own projects...speaking of which, he has been back in the studio recording new music recently.

I guess we can look forward to both a new member of the Rogers family, and perhaps a new album before long. Now, we just need to know what the baby's name will be!



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