The Randy Rogers Band is back in San Angelo and have brought some friends along.  The opening act might be banned from Santa Fe but they are always welcome here.



The Randy Rogers Band will be taking the Rockin' Rodeo stage this evening as most of us know but I got a tweet this morning from Bri Bagwell saying she is opening for RRB tonight.  Bri Bagwell and The Banned brings you a high energy show with some sassy lyrics making for a fairly unique sound.  The Banned has played San Angelo before and rocked it for sure.  They have an 'in your face' type of stage presence that will definitely get you on your feet and 2-stepping the night away.  I'm actually just a little worried about Bri and The Banned being in town tonight because Bri has been talking about pranking for a while.  I know she got one DJ with a multiple cans of silly string.  You guys should come out and see what she's got in store for me.  Be at Rockin' Rodeo tonight for Bri Bagwell and The Banned, the Randy Rogers Band and the possibility of me getting pranked.


Bri Bagwell and The Banned- Whiskey

Randy Rogers Band- Interstate

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