With 10 albums under his belt, Randy Rogers of Randy Rogers Band has learned what is needed to successfully manage an artist. As a result, he has launched his own management company, Big Blind Management.

"If you're going to succeed you have to be committed to being in the game," he says in a press release. "We are."

Rogers says he has been thinking about starting a management company for a while now and thanks to years on the road, he has met several artists that he hopes to manage in the future.

"Because our band tours so much, I have the opportunity to meet many talented people on the road. My goal is to help some of these artists in understanding the lesson I learned a long time ago from my friend Kent Finlay: 'There's music and then there's the music business,'" he explains. "Robin Schoepf, my partner in the management company, has been my personal day-to-day manager for more than 13 years. We have seen it all and are interested in working alongside artists we believe in."

Rogers' Texas-based management company was announced earlier this month, with the first signing being Red Shahan.

"Red has a uniqueness in his approach to songwriting and performing that we feel will soon propel him into the spotlight he deserves," Rogers says. "He's one of the guys that will make great records for some time to come."

Additionally, Seth James, Jamie Lin Wilson and Randy Rogers will also be managed by Big Blind Management.

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