Just like every other Country Music fan, Aaron Watson loves him some Randy Travis. Last week before his concert the legend stopped by to see the Honky Tonk Kid, and judging from his Facebook post, Watson was floored by the visit.

Randy Travis came to my show Thursday night and seeing him again made my day! I LOVE RANDY TRAVIS! His music has made a huge impact on my life and my career... Forever and Ever Amen, Three Wooden Crosses, Look Heart No Hands, He Walked On Water, etc. Randy's music has shown me that a catchy cute radio tune eventually fades away, but a song with soul lives on and on. I know I can't control what radio chooses to play, but I can control the kind of songs that I write for my fans. While fast fun songs are great for the live show, it's the songs where I pour out my heart and bare my soul that make the most difference in lives.

Watson will follow up his 2015, surprise No. 1 album, The Underdog, when he releases his 11th studio album, Vaquero, on February 24th, 2017.

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