Rich O’Toole has been on the Texas Country Music scene for a number of years now and has built quite a fan base.

This past weekend, he was hanging out with Johnny Manziel and tomorrow he'll be hanging out in downtown San Angelo at Blaine's Pub.

Rich has around 15 top ten hits out there along with numerous other songs that have charted well for him. He has played well over 1,000 full band shows all over the U.S. and just keeps on going.

He is a native Texan from Houston. And no doubt, you'll hear a lot of his big hits tomorrow night at Blaine's like ‘Romance Rodeo’, ‘Queen Of The Misfits’, ‘Kelly Comes To Town’, ‘In A Minute Or Two’, ‘Never Gonna Quit’, ‘The Cricket Song’, ‘You Say You Wanna Rock And Roll’, and many more.

So sound off Concho Valley and tell us if you'll be at Blaine's tomorrow night supporting live music here in San Angelo. Let us know in the below comment section if you plan on being at Rich's concert.

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