My trips to Fort Worth are normally pretty boring unless my girlfriend, Ashley, or a friend makes the trip with me.  When it's just me, I normally jam out and think about how boring the drive from San Angelo to Fort Worth is but tonight's trip wasn't too bad.


Well, it's Mother's Day weekend and since I didn't have any obligations in San Angelo and my dad has to leave for a business trip I ventured up to my old stomping ground in Fort Worth to spend time with Momma Ryan.  Most of my trips to Fort Worth are pretty boring but this one had some interesting happenings, or I thought it was interesting.

I got done at work about 7:00 this afternoon and headed over to Ashley's apartment for a few minutes and finally hit the road about 7:30PM.  I did a little tweeting between San Angelo and Abilene and was also doing some texting with Mr. Brian Burke.  Relax guys, my phone has Siri and I can speak everything I want to type and set it so Siri reads my messages to me.  Around Abilene my buddy Austin called, a former tv anchor turned pilot, and we caught up a little bit as we haven't talked for a couple months.  After that one of my twitter followers and I shared some awkward moments we've had with others in the music scene.  She's quite funny so if you're on twitter I suggest you follow @ThatGirlInTx.  That definitely helped kill some time.  Like I said, Brian Burke and I were chatting as well and I think he's convinced me to make a road trip to College Station for his show with Kyle Park on July the 20th as well as getting to hang out with my good friend and brother in radio Adam Drake while I'm there.  I hope Adam and I can hang out because I've planned on crashing on his couch!

I stopped at Dairy Queen in Cisco to grab a burger and a drink.  I walked in and walked to the restroom first.  As I was walking to the bathroom I passed a table of two guys and a girl about my age maybe a little younger talking and overheard them discussing their favorite things about witchcraft.  Yeah, weird right?  I placed my order, grabbed my tea and noticed pretty much everybody was starring at me then it dawned on me I was wearing my Hayes Carll shirt that says 'Don't mess with Arkansas... Either' with the state of Arkansas on it.  I am from Arkansas but Texas is my home.  I'm happy I got that order to go.


I got back on the road and everything was going pretty smooth when that big ole cup of tea caught up with me.  I pulled over at a gas station in Willow Park, outside of Weatherford, to make a pit stop.  This particular gas station had a Taco Casa in it which is nothing out of the ordinary but it's what I saw when I walked out that made me say 'that's interesting.'  Two girls and a guy walked out of the Taco Casa dressed like pirates carrying tacos and got in a Buick.

Let's break this down shall we? It's not Halloween or even close to it and it was about 9:30 at night.  I don't think pirates eat tacos or drive.  I see pirates more into fish or something of the nautical nature.  If a pirate did drive I don't think they'd drive a Buick Regal, I figure they would drive a Plymouth Voyager, Plymouth Breeze or even a Lincoln Navigator.  Hope you enjoy the sailing related car names.  It was quite a sight!


Finally I made it to my parents house about 11:45PM after this interesting road trip where my dad was waiting up for me like normal.  We chatted for a little bit and he went to bed.  My parents have hard wood floor upstairs, when I took my bag up I slipped and almost busted my butt.  I don't know what kind of cleaner they used but the cleaner+the floor+my socks= almost falling.  Now here we are with me writing this blog.  Hope you enjoyed my story and your night was just as eventful.  Goodnight and Chive On.

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