Nashville-based folk-Americana band Roanoke are premiering the music video for their song “The Light” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

Led by Joey Beesley and Taylor Dupuis, Roanoke released their self-titled debut in 2016; it's the album on which "The Light" appears. Beesley tells The Boot that writing the song was one of the first “drop everything and write” experiences of his life.

“Taylor, Kyle [Breese] and I were sitting in the living room of my old apartment one night when the melody / first line hit me,” Beesley recalls. “I jumped up, ran to my room, grabbed my guitar and started writing. I just sort of gave into the idea and found myself back beneath a huge oak tree that still grows in the middle of a park in my hometown.”

A bright, peppy track, "The Light" has clearly resonated with Americana fans: It's racked up more than 130,000 streams on Spotify. The video for the song features the musicians of Roanoke -- Beesley, Dupuis, Breese, Zach Nowak and Jo Cleary -- playing through a series of frames that look like Polaroid film; it drives home the song’s refrain, “until the dark becomes the light.”

“For filming, we slowed the song down by 75 percent, so it was a little agonizing to listen to it for six hours straight,” explains Dupuis. “We had to move and play in slow motion, while putting on a good performance, which was challenging, and at the same time pretty hilarious, but [director] Houston [Matthews] did a great job of directing us and telling us exactly what to do. We ended up using over 7,000 photos for the video."

Fans can learn more about Roanoke on their official website.

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