The House of FiFi Dubois in Downtown San Angelo has presented the "Rockin' The Ranch" music festival for a number of years benefiting the West Texas Boys Ranch and they are doing it again this Weekend!

This is such a wonderful cause that owners Toni and FiFi  have brought to music lovers year after year to show their support for the WTBR organization. They probably feel in a way like they have adopted and help raise these boys by being so involved with the West Texas Boys Ranch.

West Texas Boys Ranch is a non-profit organization offering guidance, structure and opportunities through a family-based program and Christian environment so young men may realize their greatest potential. Since its inception more than 70 years ago, West Texas Boys Ranch has served thousands of boys from Texas and beyond. The 963 acre facility located outside of San Angelo is a nonprofit organization, and open to any qualified boy, regardless of his or his family's ability to pay the tuition. West Texas Boys Ranch has been Raising Boys and Building Men since 1947.

All of that and more is a pretty good reason The House of Fifi Dubois joins in helping WTBR to celebrate what they have continued to offer our community for over 70 years!

This year's festivities get underway starting this Friday, Oct. 1st with the Get Western Show at FiFi's featuring the Midnight River Choir who will also be headlining Rockin' The Ranch on Saturday. A $20 Donation gets you an all day wrist band for all of the music performances and access to the Chuck Wagon Snack Bar.

Live Music Performances and Show-times are confirmed and listed below:



2pm: NOAH CONNER SMITH Noah Connor


4pm: CARI HUTSON Cari Hutson St. Marie

5pm: TYLER McCOLLUM Tyler Stephen McCollum & STEWART MANN (Statesboro Revue)

7pm: WESTERN DELUXE (Justin Marshall Alverson)


If you're looking for some great live music and a lot of fun this weekend, then get to the House of FiFi Dubois Downtown at 123 S Chadbourne both Friday and Saturday to celebrate another awesome year of "Rockin' The Ranch 2021" for the West Texas Boys Ranch.

For more information, click here.

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