Roger Creager is one of the Pioneers of Texas Country music, having recorded eight successful albums which have produced multiple hit singles since 1998...and he is taking the stage at Midnight Rodeo this Saturday night!

Roger stays on the road constantly, touring the U.S. and Overseas.

You are in for a high energy show where you will hear hit song after hit song with a few twist here and there throughout the concert this Saturday night.

Roger is one of those artist who absolutely loves performing to a live audience and makes sure everyone is having fun. He gives you a lot of diversity in his music from ballads like 'For You I Do' to flat out honky tonk songs like the 'The Everclear Song'...and everything in between.

If you are up for a great night of live music with a Texas music Icon, do not miss Roger Creager this Saturday night at Midnight Rodeo.

Kickin' Country 103.1 will be broadcasting live from the show and be sure to listen for your chance to call in and get on our Kickin' Country guest list this week.

Let's get you ready for the show with the above lyric video of Roger Creager performing 'The Everclear Song' live. It will give you a pretty good idea as to how the audience interacts during his shows.


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