You're going to be hearing the name Adam Hood more and more throughout the music word, and for good reason. Texas & Red Dirt fans have known about him for a while, but he's starting to gain national attention. Case in point, Rolling Stone premiered Adam's new music video, 'Way Too Long'.
Songs about the loneliness of a life on the road have always been fertile ground for touring artists, from Bob Seger's 'Turn the Page' to Journey's 'Faithfully'. However, the topic isn't specifically unique to classic rock. In Hood's new single, 'Way Too Long', the Alabama singer puts a country twist on the separation anxiety that comes from too miles between two people.
"Being away from home is never easy," says Hood, one of Rolling Stone Country's Artists You Need to Know. "There are moments when it causes tension and it's neither person's fault. But you just miss that person. This song is sort of a, 'Hey, let's call this what it is and realize that we love each other in spite of it. And make the best of it.'"

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