Eight guys chipped in and bought an old Ford E-350 school bus, and went on a good old fashioned road trip headed for Alaska. They ran into a lot of problems, but overall it appears that taking the good with the bad is fine as long as you are surrounded by good friends and beautiful scenery.

They turned the whole trip into a captivating video, and raise the question in all of us ... What did we do this Summer? Let us know in the comments what cool stuff you did this Summer, or if your Summer is even over. Time to squeeze out all the spontaneity that you have in what little time you have left.

It goes without saying, these guys did Summer right. Don't think that you have to capture your journey on camera to make it real. Sometimes the best moments in our lives aren't recorded, and it's good to just share some memories with friends instead of the world. Having said that, it's a little tough not to be inspired by these guys' road trip video.

The bus is currently at the bottom of Trapper Creek Alaska with a broken transmission, and the guys in the video are planning on starting a Kickstarter campaign to "rescue" the bus for future journeys.

Video shot and edited by RJ Bruni