The fun of playing golf all while helping the kiddos that need school supplies here in  San Angelo Independent School District!


So I have to admit that anytime I can go play golf and get out of setting in my office and doing the boring part of our job here at the studio I am all about it and yesterday was no exception. I along with many other business owners, general managers,and local folks who want to help out teed up at 1pm yesterday for the D.E.S.K Golf Tournament. I was lucky enough to be teamed up with some great folks from here in the Concho Valley who were great golfers and enjoyed giving back to the community as much as I do! My cart-mate was Mike Higgins from West Central Wireless and on our team was Johnny and Shawn from Sam's  Club here in San Angelo! Needless to say we had more fun than we should have and ended up placing 16th in the tournament. Yea yea I know that we may not be the best golfers in the world but our buddy Mike Higgins came in 2nd place for the marshmellow drive contest, this was hilarious , who would have thought you could hit a marshmellow that far! But in all seriousness we raised lots of money for a great cause that benefits the kiddos here in San Angelo and it would not have been possible if it weren't for some outstanding board members and sponsors that I am not going to name because I don't want to leave out someone, but THANK YOU for the hard work and excellent job in putting this benefit on! Happy Golfing and see y'all next year!

To learn more about the D.E.S.K Program click here or to bid in their silent auction click here!

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