The San Angelo Law Enforcement Spouses Association stands in unity and solidarity in calling for the immediate resignation of Bill Richardson from his seat as city councilman for Single Member District 1 in San Angelo.


Councilman Richardson’s recent public comments on social media that called for “non-Hispanic” members of our community to document their interactions with “Hispanic” SAPD officers are dangerous and deeply troubling for our city and our police community for many reasons.

Mr. Richardson’s justification for his actions, based on his interpretation of interactions with a Hispanic SAPD officer who was responding to his call to SAPD dispatch about a Hispanic neighbor, are beyond the pale for any elected official.

Even when Police Chief Frank Carter responded publicly on social media with the appropriate means of action for any such complaint, Mr. Richardson said he “will stick with my original statement.”

It is obvious to us that Mr. Richardson’s actions indicate he is more interested in publicly drubbing up racial tensions between our police department and citizens than he is in representing his constituents and the City as a whole.

Any elected official attempting to deepen racial divides is inexcusable; to do so with our police is reprehensible. There is no doubt to us, and many in the San Angelo, that Mr. Richardson’s statements serve to incite racism in our community and, at worst, could result in palpable threats and potential violence against some of our sworn law enforcement officers – our husbands and wives – based on the color of their skin.

Mr. Richardson’s actions are childish, and only reinforce a trend he has perpetuated on social media before and since he was elected to Single Member District 1’s council seat. He certainly does not represent the standards of public service and leadership that our city should demand.

Councilman Richardson must resign his seat on the San Angelo City Council immediately. Should he choose to not do so, the San Angelo Law Enforcement Spouses Association will do everything within its power in SMD 1 to remove him from office via recall, as per Section 48 of the San Angelo City Charter.