Our San Angelo Police Department is looking for new recruits and if you are interested you need to get some paperwork in by 5 pm this Friday, August 14th. I visited with Officer Zack Upton on the Kickin' Wake-Up Call this morning and we talked about the process.

Officer Upton talked about what needed to be submitted from applicants.

He also gave us an in depth overview of what happens during the testing phase which begins on Saturday, August 22nd.

He talked about what would be covered on the written exam as well as PT testing.

Officer Upton also took us through the process of background checks and everything else involved to be eligible to enter the academy and become a police officer in San Angelo.

Something else we talked about was what would automatically disqualify someone from being eligible.

Officer Upton also explained how to get started with the process, where to get your forms for application, and who to call for more information.

Listen to the entire interview in the above video which will give you a much better overview as to applying and what to expect.



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