Akash Vukoti is a first grader who has already made National Television appearing on NBC's 'Little Big Shots' show hosted by Steve Harvey. I had a lot of fun visiting with him this morning on the 'Kickin' Wake-Up Call'......

Akash is an incredibly gifted boy who can spell pretty much any word you challenge him with as Steve Harvey found out on the television show and I found out during the interview this morning.

Akash has been winning spelling bees and trophies since he was two years old. I also discovered during our interview that not only can he spell, he can sing too!

He and his older sister Amrita are both members of MENSA which is a very elite group to be in considering only 2% of the population are admitted because of their incredibly high IQ.

Check out the above video from our interview this morning on Kickin' Country 103.1 and you will see what an impressive and talented 'Little Big Shot' Akash is!

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