This just in: the Jacksonville Jaguars have fans.

And none of those fans are nearly as entertaining as this woman, who was interviewed by local news station WJXT about the high marks the team has been getting for its picks in the recent NFL Draft.

Her interview was as memorable as the Jags' play on Sundays hasn't been over the last few years. Not only are her words fantastic, but her timing -- especially her use of the dramatic pause -- and penchant for playing up to the camera -- dare we say making love to it? -- really stand out.

In case you had trouble deciphering it, here's a transcript. And, yes, that is a small part of you that you now feel rooting for the Jaguars:

Reporter: "They say [the Jaguars] have the best draft in the entire NFL. Are you surprised to hear that?"
Woman: "Heh. Certainly not. The first year we took it to the limit. And I was in Miami with my new beach house. Well, it was a couple minutes from the beach."
Reporter: "It’s been 20 years since then. We haven’t been too strong in the last few years.”
Woman: "Oh, we’ve been strong. We’re just playing by the rules. You can’t have a newcomer come in and steal the show."

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