Courtesy-Shiner Brewery
Courtesy-Shiner Brewery

If you like beer and coffee, Shiner just introduced the brew for you. In honor of their 108th anniversary, Shiner announces the release of their new Shiner Cold Brew Coffee Ale.

The beer is made with Austin-based Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee. Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee started six years ago in Austin and is available in grocery stores and retailers across the country.

Since 2005, the brewery has toasted to its birthday with a new beverage. Cold Brew Coffee Ale will be available in bottles, cans and on draft but is available for a limited time.

The Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner is the oldest independent craft brewery in Texas, having opened in 1909 and releasing their best-selling flagship brew Shiner Bock in 1913. Even after a century, Bock is still the No. 1 craft beer in Texas.

On Shiner’s Facebook page, the company poked some lighthearted fun at coffee aficionados, captioning a photo of the Cold Brew Coffee Ale with “We thought about calling it Non-Fat Triple Grande No-Soy Sugar-Free Extra-Half-Decaf Beer. But Cold-Brew Coffee Ale works.”

There's nothing finer than a Shiner and this is another one that you may want to try!

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