Here is what we know now.


Update 11:40am- Suspect is said to be in custody of law enforcement. The Big Lake Wildcat reports that SWAT officers deployed concussion grenades and entered the house to find the suspect identified as Marcus "Mark" Madison inside a closet. Tear gas was said to be deployed in the home as well to assist in locating the subject. No further details have been released or can be confirmed at this time.

Update 9:30am- The First Baptist Church in Big Lake has kept its doors open for those in need of a place to go due to being displaced from the stand off or needing to have some support.

As of now there have been no further details released about the stand off or the suspect in the residence.


As of about 4 am DPS had made no official press release and had not released any new information on the current stand off going on in Regan County.  DPS spokes person Sparkey Dean has said that the next update will more than likely come from the Regan County Sheriff's Office and will be after 8a.m. pending how events through the night went.

As we get more information on this story we will up date our site.

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