Shovels & Rope stopped by 'Conan' this week to perform their song 'The Devil is All Around.'

The song is the first single off of their newly released album, 'Swimmin' Time.' The husband-and-wife duo of Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst performed the tune with Trent playing acoustic guitar and Hearst taking on both drums and keyboard.

The songs on 'Swimmin' Time' are filled with gothic melodies and ominous lyrics, but the duo says that they didn't necessarily intend for things to come out that way.

"Neither of us sat down to write real heavy material. It comes from a pile of ideas from very different times," Hearst tells Rolling Stone Country. "By the time we got the pile of songs and put them together, there was a lot of heavier stuff. All these themes have popped up. These are the themes that concern us as writers."

Watch the music video for 'The Devil is All Around' here.

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