You don't have to be a foodie to know that Guy Fieri is one of the worst things to happen to televised cooking entertainment (and food in general), so the platinum-haired douche bag of the Food Network is the perfect guy to skewer on 'SNL' and the show doesn't pull its punches. Fieri isn't even the main target: his viewers and everything else they watch get torn to shreds.

Styled like an ad for a Guy Fieri Christmas special, the sketch features Bobby Moynihan as the easy to hate chef trying to convince us to watch this very special episode by showing off its various guest stars. This gives the cast chances to make quick appearances as the likes of Criss Angel, Kid Rock, Verne Troyer and a bunch of other people we don't care about. In fact, the thought of a cooking special where the casts of 'Duck Dynasty' and 'Pawn Stars' appear together makes us throw up in our mouths a little ... and that's before John Goodman shows up as Dog the Bounty Hunter. Fieri's ludicrous food also gets attacked, with Moynihan's Fieri talking up his Teddy Graham bean dip and "Straightcake," his take on the fruitcake that's "just bacon and cars."

Sure, everyone targeted here is the equivalent of a very large fish slowly dying in a very small barrel, but you can't argue with the results. In a 'SNL' episode that was more hit than miss, this one has plenty of hit.

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