If you're an avid consumer of modern popular culture, you've watched your fair share of behind the scenes featurettes that offer a look at the making of a movie or TV show. In fact, this particular slice of modern marketing has become such a specific medium that it has opened itself up to parody ... which makes us wonder why 'SNL' doesn't take it on more often. Last night's episode featured a sketch that was structured like an HBO First Look, giving us a glimpse of a new movie called 'Dragon Babies' that looks hilariously awful before we meet the hugely inappropriate lead voice actor.

Despite being a cheap-looking fantasy adventure aimed at young children, the main character in 'Dragon Babies' is inexplicably voiced by an obnoxious, wheezing former New York cop whose loud voice doesn't mesh with the movie at all. The sketch jumps between talking head interviews with the cast and crew of the movie and footage from the "actual" movie, which looks so generic and awful that it could pass for an actual direct-to-DVD family movie. Of course, the big joke is that the voice that comes out of the adorable dragon protagonist sounds like Gilbert Gottfried and a thousand cigarettes.

The sketch offers a very funny answer for why this is actually happening, but the best moments come early, when no one feels the need to excuse this utterly bizarre casting. We demand that all animated lead characters in family films sound like they're one wrong move away from pulling a gun and unloading it into the floor of the recording studio!

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