With Spring comes warmer weather, lake time, flowers blooming and outdoor living not to mention the snow cone stands starting opening up and local burger joints star serving up the ice cream.  Which is the better Spring/Summer treat, ice cream or snow cones?



With warm weather comes the opening of snow cone stands and an increase in ice cream sales but which one is better?  Sure they are both great frozen treats for someone with a sweet tooth on hot summer days but would you rather have a sweet and light snow cone or a creamy and rich ice cream cone?

The first 'snowcones' have been dated back to the Persian Empire, they would pour juice from grapes on snow as a treat where as ice cream came about in the early 1700's and the first recipe was printed in 1718.  The combination of flavors and mixtures are endless.  You can even kind of have the best of both worlds on a snow cone by adding cream do your flavor of choice.  I prefer snow cones because hey are cheaper, easier and I feel they do a better job of cooling you off.  My favorite snow cone stand is by the lake in the Stripes parking lot, leave a comment and tell me where your favorite snow cone or ice cream comes from in Angelo.

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