Aaron is asking everyone to be on the lookout for his custom acoustic guitar!

Watson thinks somebody made off with the guitar straight out of the bus in New Mexico or on the way back to Dallas.

Aaron Watson posted this on his facebook a few days ago....'Well this kind of stinks but we believe that someone stole one of my guitars out of the bus after our show in New Mexico. There's is a chance it could have happened along the way back to Dallas. It's a custom guitar with three crosses, bible verses and my logo so please contact us if you see this anywhere. We have something very special for the person who helps us find it! In the grande scheme of things it is just a "thing" and it will be ok. Have a blessed day and love love love those around you!'

Just knowing the way Aaron described the guitar, should make the person who took it feel extra guilty. Aaron expresses his feelings with a great attitude about the situation, but you know that guitar means a lot to Watson!

I hope he gets it back in time for his concert this Saturday night, April 22nd at The Crossing Travel Market in Winters. If you get a chance, take a little road trip and see the show!



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