It made sense to bring Leonard Nimoy’s version of Spock into the fold for J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ reboot. The character’s actions on screen literally restarted the franchise, allowing Abrams and his team to introduce younger versions of our cherished characters. But does it make any sense to bring Nimoy back for the sequel?

The actor suggests it’s possible, and that he is “talking” with the creative team about possibly being involved. This all came about when CNN interviewed Nimoy about the Space Shuttle Enterprise/747 flying over New York City (via, and Nimoy dropped that little tidbit about his potential role in Abrams sequel.

It was a very casual, off-the-cuff remark on Nimoy’s part. Needless to say, the Internet went gonzo-berserk. Ain’t It Cool News took the ball and ran with it, quoting what they call “compelling independent confirmation that Nimoy is ‘absolutely’ in the new film,” though they stop there without confirming anything.

But why? Nimoy perfectly passed the baton to Zachary Quinto’s younger Spock, acknowledging that they now exist in the same universe but essentially saying, “Go forth and be the new Spock in updated adventures.” If Spock appears in the sequel, it will feel obligatory. Won’t it? I’d rather see William Shatner cleverly incorporated into the fabric of Abrams’ new universe, if the writers could figure a way to do it without forcing their hand. But really, right now, it feels like this franchise is standing on its own legs and is ready to run … with or without Nimoy. Tell us: Does the sequel need him? Or is it able to stand on its own without him?

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