California student Deja had never been in trouble at school until Friday, September 7. She was dismissed from class at Mount Gleason Middle School for wearing a pair of brown tights that were considered a little too racy since they matched her skin tone. Wait, what?

A teacher's assistant sent the honors student, 11, to the principal's office, claiming that the tights made it appear as though she wasn't wearing any pants.

The Los Angeles Unified School District disputes the idea that Deja was dismissed because of the color of her pants, instead insisting that her attire constituted a dress-code violation. The dress code bans sleepwear, loungewear and tights.

Deja's mother, Yolanda Tunstill, said she feels "discriminated against" and that she could "understand if they said, 'Okay, this type of material, this type of clothing.' But for you to make a remark to state because the pants were brown and to make a remark about my daughter's skin color ... that was not right to me."

She also claims her daughter's wardrobe mainly consists of tights and that she wore them to school all the time; the pants only became an issue when she wore brown ones.

Tunstill will be taking legal action against the district, which claims appropriate measures were taken against the teaching assistant.

If the school has a dress code prohibiting tights, then it should have enforced it in Deja's case beforehand. To subject her to embarrassment by saying her tights made it look like she wasn't wearing pants is not only unfair, it's ridiculous.

Judging by the photo of Deja wearing the "offending" brown leggings, they clearly look like a pair of tights and the line of demarcation between where the pants' hem ends and her skin begins is quite obvious. Someone get the teacher's assistant an eye exam.

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