So summer is upon us, school is almost out and its time to balance your work, home life, and kiddos all while still having some stress relief!



I can officially say that I am now ready for summer time, I have purchased my boat for summer pastimes. For three of four months out of the year you can find me laid back soaking up the sun and relaxing on the water. Boating has been a summer event for me since I was a teenager, the family would load up and spend the week camping at the lake making smores around a campfire and get up just as the sun was peaking over the horizon to get on the smoothest part of the water, then proceed to stay out all day and get as sunburned and tire as we could.

So as summer approaches again its time for me to kick back and relax and soak up the rays again, wake boarding and tubing all day long!

What are your favorite pass times for summer? Post a comment and we will talk about your pastimes on the air!

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