Single men may want to consider changing their ways when it comes to changing their sheets.

A new British survey of more than 2,000 people has found that single men change their bedding four times a year – that’s once every three months. Their female single counterparts, on the other hand, change their sheets an average of once every two-and-half weeks.

Men seem to realize their somewhat unhygienic approach to bedding may hurt their love life, with 17% of single fellas saying a love interest has been turned off by their dirty sheets. Sadly, 49% of those who change sheets four times a year think that schedule is perfectly fine.

Single men own three linen sets, on average, while single women own three sets.

Being in a relationship also means your washing machine will get a workout because couples switch up their sheets every two weeks (which seems to prove that when it comes to changing their men, women start with changing their sheets). And since women seem to be more vigilant about cleaning, it should come as no surprise that the fairer sex handles laundry duties 81% of the time.

And here’s something to keep in mind the next time you stay overnight with friends or family: only 32% of respondents said they change the sheets after guests sleep over.

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