T-Mobile says their latest data breach exposed the personal data of over 40 million people and that stolen files included the personal information of 7.8 million current customers and 40 million people who had applied for credit.

T-Mobile stated that it had been investigating the data breach since last week, when it was “informed of claims made in an online forum that a bad actor had compromised T-Mobile systems.”

The company said that a cyberattack on T-Mobile exposed the information of more than 40 million people and that the stolen files including customers’ first and last names, social security numbers, driver’s license, birthdays and other information. The company said the stolen information also included the PINs of about 850,000 active prepaid customers and that T-Mobile would reset PINs for those prepaid customers, and urged other customers to change their PINs as well. T-Mobile went on to say that it would create a website to “help customers take steps to further protect themselves.”

T-Mobile said that no phone numbers, account numbers or passwords were compromised for current or prospective customers, and that there was no indication that financial, credit card or other payment information had been stolen.

T-Mobile announced it was investigating claims that data was “illegally accessed” on Monday, a day after Vice reported that a vendor in an online forum was trying to sell $270,000 worth of stolen information obtained from T-Mobile servers. The mobile company confirmed on Tuesday that customer data was affected.

T-Mobile along with many other major corporations, has struggled to prevent compromising information to hackers and preventing data breaches. T-Mobile suffered a security breach back in 2018 that compromised the personal information of as many as two million customers and in 2019 the company’s email vendor was hacked, revealing some customer and employee personal information.

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This has got to be disturbing to most of us who rely on our mobile devices for so many things today from storing personal and sensitive information to paying bills and so much more. It's really troublesome to know that 40 million plus people's personal information was compromised. I would love for you to leave a comment below as to how you feel about this and for that matter other cyberattacks!

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