Crazy Badger Blocks Hotel Entrance
From the files of weird news, this furry little creature decided nobody was leaving or getting into a hotel in Stockholm. Police were at the scene but were unable to remove the animal and had to call in local wildlife services. It's not known if the badger was a disgruntled guest of the hotel..…
Meet Porter, The World’s First Driving Dog (Video)
Remember Toonces, the driving cat from Saturday Night Live in the 80's?  Well now meet Porter, the driving dog!  From the looks of it in the video, Porter drives better than some humans here in San Angelo!  ;)
Oh and he manages to driver better than Toonces too...
Delta Airlines Loses Man's Dog
If you've ever flown with a pet, this story has got to tug at your heartstrings.  A Tampa man is without his dog after he says Delta airlines lost his pet on a recent flight.  The man says he's been given the runaround by Delta, but he is still determined to find his dog...
Dallas Zoo Has A New Baby Giraffe
The Dallas Zoo recently welcomed a baby giraffe to the family.  The 6 foot, 120 pound young giraffe has yet to be named.  Check out the video below to see the Dallas Zoo's new addition!
Donkey Gets Saved From Manhole
You don't see this everyday.  Firefighters in Switzerland were called to help a donkey out of quite a predicament.  Nilo the donkey as he is named backed into a manhole and got stuck as you can see from the above picture.  The story has a happy ending as rescuers were able to get…
A Dog Named Lazarus Survives Euthanasia Attempt [VIDEO]
A truly amazing story as a dog now named Lazarus survived a euthanasia attempt on his life.
Lazarus was set to be put to sleep after an animal shelter in Alabama could not find a home for him.  The dog's owners left him at the shelter when they moved and could no longer take care of him...
Pet Of The Week
This weeks Kickin Country Pet Of The Week from our friends at Concho Valley Paws. Take a look and see if you found your new forever friend.

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