Case Hardin

Tops in Texas
Who has what it takes to land at No. 1 on the final chart of 2017? Sam Riggs, Case Hardin, and Wade Bowen all have their sights at the top spot. Let's see who gets there.
Case Hardin at Midnight Rodeo
San Angelo native Case Hardin is an up and coming country music artist who is breaking out with great things happening in his career. You can catch him playing in town this Friday, March 24th at Midnight Rodeo......
Kickin’ Artist of the Week – Case Hardin
Case Hardin is a native of San Angelo and grew up with a ranching and rodeo background while developing his love for country music. He is one of our most popular local bands and will be playing Midnight Rodeo's special showcase of local talent this Saturday.
San Angelo Symphony Christmas Concert
I always enjoy visiting with Hector Guzman, Conductor-Director for our San Angelo Symphony/Orchestra. He dropped by on the 'Kickin' Wake-Up Call' to talk about their upcoming Christmas Concert this Saturday night.
36th Knicky Picky Reunion is Cancelled
The 36th Knicky Picky Reunion and fundraiser scheduled for Saturday, March 21st, in Knickerbocker, Texas has been cancelled. Organizers will let us know if it gets rescheduled in the near future.