Reckless Kelly 'Wrap' Themselves up in Christmas
Reckless Kelly is at it again. I always look forward to receiving their Christmas card each year and this year is no exception. Check out the above video the band posted to Facebook today from their Christmas card photo shoot. The guys will be in Amarillo tonight and maybe we'll get to unwra…
Jack Ingram Covers a Burl Ives Christmas Classic
Are you in the Christmas Spirit yet? We're just 22 days away from Christmas, so you better get to shopping (or if you 're like me, you wait until Christmas Eve to do all your shopping). We will have to get you in the mood and maybe motivated to do some Christmas shopping here's Jack I…
Party Favor For Your Exhaust Pipe
This is funny stuff!  It's a party favor for your exhaust pipe.  Rev up the engine and let the laughter commence.  I think I'm gonna put this on Chuck Baker's exhaust without him knowing (Shhhhhh!).
Thanksgiving Day Will Be Here Soon
Unlike some holidays such as New Year's Eve and Fourth of July when people traditionally go out somewhere to celebrate, Thanksgiving is most commonly celebrated at home, with family and friends
Here a re a few interesting notes about our Thanksgiving holiday.

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