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JB Patterson Kicked Out (Sort of)
Do you ever get the feeling that you've forgotten something? Your mom's birthday? A doctor's appointment? Basic gun safety rules during a photo shoot? To turn off the iron before you leave the house?
JB Sets the Record Straight
JB Patterson, of JB and the Moonshine Band, is a very detail-oriented person, and has been as long as I've known him. And I'm sure long before we ever met. So it should be no surprise that when folks started questioning the lack of gun safety depicted in his band's new promo pic, he w…
JBMB ‘Beer for Breakfast’ Now a Spanish Line Dance
It may come as a surprise, but, by all accounts, there is a pretty big underground country music scene in Europe. It's so popular, many of our Texas / Red Dirt bands do headlining music festivals every year. Well, today JB and the Moonshine Band have a little bit of a better understanding of th…
Cover For Your Lover!
I'm not a love expert, but I'm also not a dummy. So, trust me when I say there isn't one person on this planet who wouldn't like this. Get signed up to have JB and the Moonshine Band to sing and record an exclusive cover of you and your lover's song.
New Music Showdown
The New Music Showdown this week brings two of the Concho Valley's top notch favorites.  The Departed and JB and the Moonshine Band go mono e mono, only you can decide who is victorious.
JB and the Moonshine Band – Kiss Me That Way
JB and the Moonshine Band took the Texas/Red Dirt scene by storm with the release of 'Perfect Girl' and are continuing to build momentum with every new song.  They are also really good about making music videos with their radio single.
Taste Of Country Tour
The Taste of Country Christmas Tour rolled through San Angelo last Friday night and rocked Midnight Rodeo all night long.

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