Check out Whiskey Myers on the Hunt
Whiskey Myers recently appeared on the show 'Outdoor Troubadours' to do some duck hunting. You can see their appearance in the above YouTube video and by the looks of things, they seem to be pretty darn good shots.
So what do you think Concho Valley...
Teenage Choir Sings for Fallen Soldier
If this doesn't tear at your heart strings, I don't know what would. Check out the above video. In it, you'll see the remains of a soldier taken off of a plane at an airport in Atlanta, Georgia. While this happens, a choir of teenagers sing a beautiful version of the "Batt…
35 Years Ago: 'Roy Orbison Day' in Odessa
Thirty-five years ago today, on July 19, 1981, 'Roy Orbison Day' was celebrated in Odessa. Orbison was given the keys to the city and he performed for the crowd gathered at the event.
Orbison was born in Vernon, Texas on April 23rd, 1936...

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