Sean McConnell

Wade Bowen To Release Gospel Album for Mom
"Then Sings My Soul… Songs for my Mother” is available for pre-order now. Originally, this record was not going to be...
Posted by Wade Bowen on Friday, March 4, 2016
That one time Wade Bowen made his momma a special birthday present and we all got to enjo…
The Three Guitarristas Are Back
Last December Randy Rogers called on Sean McConnell and William Clark Green to join him on an acoustic tour, that would only later be dubbed "The Three Guitarristas." This year the guys are back for another, although, abbreviated four show tour. And just a suggestion, if they'…
2 Beards Tour
Well ladies and gentlemen it's finally here and I can hardly wait until Midnight Rodeo's Saturday night show.  Randy Rogers and Sean McConnell will be doing an acoustic song swap, don't miss it.

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