Drew Kennedy Is Coming To Blaine’s Pub
Singer/songwriter and novelist Drew Kennedy is coming to Blaine's Pub on Thursday night.
Drew's latest album is called "Wide Listener".  You can pick it up at the show.  And if you don't have a copy of Drew's novel Fresh Water In The Salt…
Party This Weekend At Blaine’s Pub!
There's always a party at Blaine's Pub in downtown San Angelo and this weekend is no different.  Tonight AND Tomorrow night you can scoot your boots to local favorite Clearwater!  Blaine's manager Aaron O'Donnell told our very own Chuck Baker during Workin' Wo…
Could You Survive a Hot Car?
There have been far too many stories in the news this summer about parents leaving their kids in the car while they go in and shop. This is not okay! We all know that a quick trip in the store can end up being much more than that.
Rain On The Way?
A weak cold front has moved into Texas and will settle over the Concho Valley this afternoon giving us a chance for rain.  The National Weather Service puts that chance for rain at 40% today.  We'll keep our fingers crossed!  We haven't had a real good soaking since Memorial…
Pets Dont Belong In Cars
Summer is upon us and that means higher temperatures and that can be tough on your furry friends.  In a matter of thirty minutes the inside of your car can reach scorching temperatures.
Drinking and Driving
So I have to admit that I was a bit shocked my self after watching the video but I think the British have put drinking and driving in perspective for many with this. WARNING THIS

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