The Departed

Cody Canada Talks ‘HippeLovePunk’ + Debuts Tracks
Last week (1/13) HippieLovePunk from Cody Canada and the Departed hit stores and iTunes, the band's third album (This is Indian Land, Adventus). Canada called in to talk with us about the new album, MusicFest 2015 highlights, his brother-in-law Wade Bowen's performance on Conan, American A…
Cody Canada Vents on Facebook
Post by Cody Canada.
I've known Cody Canada, in a professional capacity, for around three years. But I've been a fan of his for more than 10 years longer than that. I actually purchased Ragweed's Soul Gravy, in Baghdad, back in 2004.
New Departed Album?
From his home in New Braunfels, TX, Cody Canada and his dog, Marvin, took to social media, today, to thank fans for their continued support. He also says to keep comin' out to shows, and to expect a new Departed album very soon.
Prayer For The Lonely Video
I haven't done a music video post in a while so it feels long overdue.  You've heard the song Prayer For The Lonely by The Departed and now they have a video, check it out.
New Music Showdown
The New Music Showdown this week brings two of the Concho Valley's top notch favorites.  The Departed and JB and the Moonshine Band go mono e mono, only you can decide who is victorious.

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