Using Fake Vaccine Cards to Get Into Hawaii Is Really Stupid
As many listeners of my show know, last week my wife and I spent the week in Hawaii celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. It was a great trip and I'm glad we went despite the governor of Hawaii asking travelers to stop visiting. (In a future piece, I'll give a few recommendations for t…
Tips For A Safe Christmas Holiday Season
I ran across a few tips that are certainly good ideas for your holiday season while out shopping and during holiday travel. These tips come from The Law Enforcement Officer’s Complete Crime Prevention Manual and American Crime Prevention Institute.
Road Tripping on Labor Day Weekend
Nothing says summer like a road trip, and for 40 percent of Americans, that's the way they're going to go on vacation and long weekends, especially because they believe it's a cheaper way to enjoy themselves than flying to a destination.
However, as a survey of 1,000 adults by RetailMe…

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