Liam Neeson had to explain to some South Texas parents that his movie 'Taken' shouldn't be 'taken' literally.  According to a recent report in Texas Monthly, some parents were really 'taken' aback by the plot and felt their children might be 'taken' as well if they were allowed to take a school trip to Europe.  Neeson was surprised to hear about the parents' fears...

A couple of years back he received a letter from a South Texas teacher trying to get 60 kids on a European school tour, but 40 of the kids’ parents had pulled them from the program citing the Taken films.

In December, he received another letter from the same teacher saying she was now trying to get 20 pupils over, but was struggling again with parental fears.

“I was really shocked by that,” a genuinely disturbed Neeson tells News Corp Australia.

“These kids had never been outside the state and she was desperate to get some assurance but what I am doing is writing her a letter or a to-whom-it-may-concern letter that she can print out or send to these parents that this is a movie.

The chance of your kids being taken in Europe are one in 20 million or something.

“I was shocked, I was just shocked. With the success of these films there is the other side and getting a letter like that … It’s fiction, I know stuff happens in life but its still fiction, the Taken movies are fiction.”

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