As most of you know I am a graduating senior this year, and after my four years I've come up with a list of top things you need to know while you're in college.

Flickr-anna gutermuth
Flickr-anna gutermuth

College is known as the worst and best of times. I've been to two universities and I'm in the final stretch of my college days and I have absolutely loved these years. These tips that I've came up with are helpful suggestions that are going to make those college days hopefully a little bit easier for you.

1. Your roommate is not your mommy.


3. 8 AM classes are seriously the worst, avoid them at ALL costs.

4. You will learn an infinite amount of ways to cook dinner in a microwave, especially Ramen.

5. Procrastination is every college student's mortal enemy.

6. Out of all of your professors that you have in college, you're going to have one you absolutely hate, one you'll absolutely love, and then a bunch of crazies.

7. You really will find the friends you'll have for life in college.

8. Take FULL advantage of living in the dorms! You don't have to worry about bills, rent, food and you get a cool place to meet other people!

9. There is a magical nifty place called the library, use it!

10. Enjoy your college experience to the fullest potential. You only get these four, or sometimes five or six years to enjoy the time of being an adult without actually being in the real world.

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