Terrific news from the parents of Sophia Campa-Peters, the 9-year-old Brownfield, Texas girl who just came through major brain surgery on the wings of more than 10,000 prayers.

Sophia has not only come through surgery, but is recovering so well that's she is amazing everyone with the speed of her healing.

This is the exciting news from Sophia's website:

Her recovery has been amazing! Her nurse stated she has never seen a patient like her with no swelling after surgery! Her physical therapist stated that the day after surgery she looked like a patient she normally sees on the day of discharge!

The day after surgery she was able to stand up and walk! Her physical therapist kept saying she looks amazing, fantastic, and terrific!

She is off all pain medications!

She is giggling, eating, making jokes, and beating us all at card games!

She is progressing in her recovery at a lightning pace!

We are all impressed with the amazing care we are receiving at Boston Children’s Hospital. The doctors and staff are “wicked smart” and have lived up to their reputation as the #1 pediatric hospital in America.

Sophia also had an adorable response to hearing just how far her prayer request had traveled:

We're grateful to hear this tremendous news and very happy for Sophia and her family. Thank you to the many, many of you who have supported Sophia on her healing journey.

Sophia's prayer request spread and was announced from the House floor, the Bobby Bones Show and even The White House.


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