When Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe stopped by Willie Nelson's bus for a chat over the weekend, he had no idea that their visit would become viral.

Nelson was in Bristow, Va. for Farm Aid 2016, so McAuliffe decided to drop by. During their brief meeting, the singer's wife, Annie, snapped a picture of the two together at a table. But what the governor didn't realize was that there was a can of Willie's Reserve marijuana between them.

While Nelson's brand of weed is sold in Colorado and Washington, it is illegal in Virginia. Annie captioned the picture of the pair in front of a can of Willie's Reserve with: "UH-OH Trouble!"

According to McAuliffe's spokesman, the Virginia governor didn't have the slightest realization that any weed would be on the bus. Brian Coy told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that the governor has never used drugs and doesn't know what Willie's Reserve is.

“He was not and still is not aware of whatever was on the table or anywhere around him and wouldn’t know marijuana or related paraphernalia if it walked up and shook his hand,” Coy explains. “He’s cool, but he’s not that cool.”

Annie cleared the air with a follow-up to her now-viral tweet, giving some forgiveness to the governor: "One of them did not imbibe-guess which one!!!"

Nelson's bus plays host to a variety of guests. Earlier this month, the cast of 2001 film Super Troopers surprised Nelson at his show in Boston, dressed fully in costume.

“We got a report of a 420 in Boston tonight, so we went to check it out, and ended up joining our pal Willie Nelson at his show. Keepin’ a careful eye on this one,” the actors wrote on the Broken Lizard Instagram page alongside a photo of them together. They also appeared onstage to sing "It's All Going to Pot."

Just this week, the Nashville Metropolitan Council passed an ordinance that will change the way marijuana laws are enforced in the Tennessee city, and it's speculated that country music deserves some of the thanks.

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