Governor Greg Abbott has received and responded to a letter sent to him by members of the Texas Democratic Congressional Delegation with regard to Texans and taxes.  The Governor outlined several points concerning the letter where he agreed on some points but not on others.

In his response sent yesterday, May 19th, The Governor gave his assessment concerning tax alternatives in Texas.

Governor Abbott said “We are in agreement on several points. As public servants, we must look for ways to ensure Texans can save some money in order to use it for other much-needed purposes at this critical time. It is essential that we lessen the burden on those we serve to the extent we can. Increasing the tax burden on our people is the wrong path forward”

The Governor goes on to say “I strongly disagree with you on one key point. While you believe in raising property taxes when times are good, I do not. Just because times are good does not mean the government needs to take more hard-earned money from Texans. To that end, I strongly encourage local governments to adopt property tax rates that will not result in an increase in the tax burden."

Local governments, not the State of Texas, set the property tax rates, and they are the ones responsible for an increase or decrease in property taxes.

Read the entire letter at

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